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We do all kinds of work from municipalities to commercial and residential properties that can be customized to meet each site specification. You just have to give us a call and we'll make your concrete just the way you want it installed. We are constantly evolving and improving.

Castille Company, Inc. has been providing concrete site work for over 30 years.  The combined experience of the owners, finishers and foreman currently employed (2013) is over 145 years + experience.

We can read blue prints, operate machines, install to FDOT Standards, maintain MOT to FDOT Standards. 

 Our field representatives understand and implement the most current FDOT Standards for MOT and accident prevention.  We meet or exceed normal standards for inspections and are well known and approved by local jurisdictions. 

 We understand and meet the needs of municipalities to work for their citizens.  We professionally provide quality new or remove/replace concrete to solve issues with existing in place concrete.  We act as an ombudsman often with the citizens of the location being worked on.  We understand and strive to provide quality for money well spent. 

July 2012

Debary, fl

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Customer reviews



construction support services, Inc.

In reply to your request of our grading the work of Castille Company, it gives me great pleasure to give Castille a grade of Five - if higher were available Castille more than deserves a higher/highest rating.

The work we do at Construction Support Services is always completing, managing and controlling projects that are in trouble where the surety company has to become involved.

We have used Castille on many of our projects and they do exemplary work.  Their work area is always spotless and well organized; they always coordinate and work with the other trades and always make certain the MOT (where needed) is spot on. 

The quality of Castille's concrete work is always the highest standards and the work force always know what specifications they are using and what the requirements are for the work being performed.

I highly recommend Castille Company for any work they seek.  The last project they worked for us was the expansion of Ernie Caldwell/Pine Tree Trail in Polk County Florida. Castille had to completely rehabilitate existing concrete work (done by previous contractor) and install new.  Both the County and their county's CEI were impressed with the work performed by Castille.
-jan d' errico

JEM equipment corp. 


  • Completion of project on time and within budget....   Excellent 
  • Contractor responsiveness and communication....  Excellent
  • Proper set-up and execution of MOT...  Excellent 
  • Well maintained safe work site...  Excellent
  • Utility relocation coordination...  Excellent 
  • Public complaints and/or complements...  Excellent 
  • Quality and workmanship...  Excellent 

the villages   

My supervisors have been working with the Castille Company for a few years and they are very responsive to our requests and changes of schedules as we have many residents to appease 24/7/365! They have and are doing a great job us in The District here in The Villages!

-dave burgess

Gibbs and register

I have had the privilege to work with Castille Company on many projects during my 13 years of employment with Gibbs & Register, Inc.  I have always been satisfied with their quality, performance and professionalism.  They are a great contractor to work with and we have no reservations about using them on our construction projects.   

-John rodriguez , Vice president of operations